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Registered: 04/12/13
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I am trying to deide between the Townie 7d and 21d. I am just starting to bike again after many years and will be doing short trips around town and around different parks. Any suggestions as to which one to get

Registered: 12/31/11
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The 7d is a better choice over the 21d, for one it is less complex and less prone to need adjustment, assuming that after as long out of the saddle as you have had you'd prefer simplicity in your return ride, 2nd it has a chain-guard to protect your pants.  Though if you live in a less hilly area and do not NEED the extra 4 gears I would recommend the 3i for the internals are by far the lowest maintenance, if your area is extremely hilly get the 21d, but otherwise the extra gears are a waste for you will only use at most 7 of them with regularity.
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Registered: 12/31/11
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As an additional suggestion think on the balloon versions much more comfy and absorbant of road impacts, it comes in I believe 3i, 7d, and 8i, the 8 is by FAR my favorite townie.
2005 Ghost Rider (Aluminium) 2010 Ticino (RIP) Wife has a 2009 Betty

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I'm with Crispen on this one.

I have a Cruiser 7d and a Revil 3I.  I also have a 24 speed MTB.  I do regular cruising on the Electra bikes around town and bike paths.  Some small hills around here but mostly flat.  Never have any issues with either the 7D or 3I.  Both are easy to pedal and cruise easy.  As Crispen pointed out I too like having the chainguard.

Also Crispen's point, when I ride my MTB around town I only use 7 or 8 of the 24 gears and no chainguard so I get greese on my pants. 

So...for general riding my 7D and 3I are just perfect.  If I lived in a mountainous area or was into going fast, or packed full panniers and was crossing the country I would get the 21D
If you can afford it the balloon 8I would also be my choice.

Here's some past threads on the subject.

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Registered: 03/24/13
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If you only are going to have the one bike I would get the 21d. Well placed 7 speeds are fine but 21 is even better. You can take it with you on a trip and ride hills much better with more speeds. Not only do you get more speeds but you get usually a lower low gear and a higher high gear. That all comes in handy not only in hills but when hauling loads or when you're come back home or to your car in a heavey wind. It will just make you bike more usable.

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Registered: 05/01/14
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Bringing this thread back in case there are any more opinions out there. My test ride today told me that a tall frame is the way to go, so a townie 21 or 7 is in my future. I eventually want to put fat frank tires on either one I get. I'm not worried about fenders, but I do kinda like the chain guard. So my question has to do with the gear range between the 7 and the 21. Are the highs and lows similar, or will I really notice the difference on hills and when going for speed? I fully plan to use this on bike paths and light dirt trails. Some long hills but nothing too extreme. Finally, I'm middle aged with the weight to prove it. Also 6'3". Would the extra gears increase my enjoyment by always having a gear I can handle till I get my fitness back a little? Thanks!
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